Nutrients Fertilizers & Mold Control Products:

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AgTech is acquiring a substantial partnership share in Ecostadt Technologies LLC which markets its range of natural organic fertilizer as bulk products in the United States. Ecostadt is a science-based company with a successful commercial background in India where it manufactures the Ecostadt product range using resources with a ultra low carbon footprint. Ecostadt has invested millions of dollars to achieve the necessary EPA approvals to market and supply the US markets and importantly, its products are Organically certified.

Hemp Assets:

AgTech has developed a keen interest in the rapidly emerging markets for Hemp products. The worldwide marketplace for hemp cultivation has tremendous growth potential; with the U.S. market for CBD from hemp will grow 700 percent in the next three years, becoming a $2.1 billion market, up from $688 million in 2016.


The products are representative of the Ecostadt range (repackaged for AgTech) and are  for both industrial and agricultural markets and retail distribution. They will be marketed throughout the US by Ecostadt’s wholesale distributors and by AgTech online.

Byron Bay Gold
Stimulizer™ Super Concentrate
Zing HA

Thryve Therapeutics® (featuring Aromahaler© Technology)

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The Company’s first strategic investment product development was achieved by the acquisition of Clerisy Corporation, a medical device company (Apr 2016)  with a breakthrough, FDA approved and globally patented nasal strip for delivery of medicines via the nasal passage. Aromahaler© technology transforms the delivery of medication by eliminating use of the digestive tract and the circulatory system. It accurately delivers the correct dosage of medicine to receptors at the top of the nasal passage which connect directly to certain regions of the brain.

In addition to being a fully owned subsidiary of RxMM Health, operating in non-cannabis markets – Clerisy also granted an exclusive, global license for its medical delivery devices and product formulations to RxMM Health Limited for use in cannabis applications for $1,500,000 plus ongoing royalties from global sales. RxMM Health Limited has assigned the rights for North America to Thryve Healthcare
Inc. and in 2018, Thryve plans to introduce the world’s first FDA approved, globally patented NeuroNasal Strip® medical delivery device for CBD medicinal treatments.

RxMM is establishing a brick & mortar presence in the United States through a the development of a series of Healthcare Centres in in California.

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RXMM Health California Inc., through its 100% owned subsidiary, Thryve Healthcare Inc., has executed a binding Agreement to acquire the assets of Earth Alchemy Inc., a cannabis product formulator, manufacturer/distributor with an expert client advisory service.

RxMM formed Thryve Healthcare to service the consumer market through its custom designed Thryve Treatment Centers and Lifestyle Store outlets. Thryve will utilize an incentive based medical practitioner network combined with company trained and certified Thryve Advocates.

Thryve Healthcare’s operation will utilize a custom designed mobile App for patient management, record keeping and order fulfillment, as well the App’s use as a direct communication tool and training device.
Thryve will supply its proprietary medicines and personal healthcare products including its FDA approved medical delivery devices.


Through its binding agreement with Winchester Farms & Joint Venture with Foundation Rootz Holdings Inc., RxMM Health (RxMM Health Capital) has positioned itself directly in the high-growth California MMJ cultivation economy.

Winchester Farms has 3 production greenhouses on 10 acres of land in the Winchester area (Southern California) and is expanding to an additional 9  bringing the total to 12 production greenhouses with an anticipated $20mm in annual revenues.

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RxMM also holds a Joint Venture with The Foundation Rootz Holdings Inc., to produce and supply a
minimum of 22,500 lbs. per year of selected strains of cannabis flower to an approved US Government Prime Contractor for the continuing research, development and production of cannabinoid medicinal products.

  • This fully secured cultivation area is located in
    the center of a secluded 120-acre property which
    has been purchased by RxMM Health Operations.
  •  The sub- contract base revenue value is estimated at $22.5m
    per year.

RxMM Health has an Engagement Agreement with Ernst & Young Global to advise,develop and manage a tax incentivized Research & Development program in Australia, which is partially funded by the Australian Federal Government’s refundable tax offset program.

This non-equity based R&D funding is targeted at a AUD $50m-$100m budget to rapidly
advance the development of the Company’s proprietary new pharmaceutical and OTC
medicinal Products. Under this program, R&D expenditure is eligible for up to AUD 45 cents in the dollar
cash rebate from the Australian Federal Government. Ernst & Young has been engaged
to source $50m-$100m of funding from 3rd party investors and to manage the interface
between the R&D program, the Australian Tax Office and the Investors.

To qualify for the program, RxMM Health Ltd. needs to secure a partnership with an Australian based research partner such as a University. RxMM has retained the services of Budding Tech, an Australian consulting company specializing in connecting private companies with Universities to create research partnerships.

Budding Tech will be responsible for project management and will work closely with RxMM Health Ltd. and the University partners. To date BuddingTech has identified two Universities located in Melbourne that are highly interested in cannabis based research who are prepared to consummate a relationship with RxMM Health Ltd.

Malcom Leissring Ph.D will head the R&D program for RxMM. Dr. Leissring is an award winning biomedical researcher who is internationally recognized for his work on an insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) The principle enzyme involved in the inactivation and clearance of insulin. Dr. Leissring is currently at the University of California Irvine (UCI) he is one of the Board of Advisors for RxMM. Dr. Leissring will identify RxMM’s research priorities, break them down into indication specific goals and direct the research process in conjunction with BuddingTech.

Combined with royalty and interest, investors would receive a return of approximately 20% per annum on their investment over a five-year period. The initial R&D program has commenced and will be geared up prior to the Company’s ASX listing and because this R&D expenditure is funded from external sources, there is no dilution to shareholder equity.

All the IP and products resulting from the R&D programs are owned by the Company.
These products will include:

  • Development of a new range of cannabinoid based therapeutic, pharmaceutical products and formulations to address various conditions including management of neuropathic pain,hypertension, post-stroke neuroprotection, post chemotherapy patient conditions, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and cancer.
  • Cannabinoid based drug delivery methods.
  • Cannabis plant strains to optimize therapeutic value in medications
  • New hydroponic cultivation methods including nutrition solutions to optimize yield, scent, flavor, water content, texture and coloration.

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