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AgTech Global Inc ( is RxMM’s 100% owned subsidiary, specialising in agricultural fertilizers/additives and grow systems for both Cannabis and general agricultural markets.

AgTech has exclusive US licences from several leading Australian hydroponic & horticultural supplement providers for the following products:

Infused Therapeutics

Body-Aid® (incl. Aromahaler© Technology)

The Company’s first strategic investment product development was achieved by the acquisition of Clerisy Corporation, a medical device company (Apr 2016) which has a breakthrough, FDA approved and globally patented nasal strip for delivery of medicines via the nasal passage. Aromahaler© technology transforms the delivery of medication by eliminating use of the digestive tract and the circulatory system. It accurately delivers the correct dosage of medicine to receptors at the top of the nasal passage which connect directly to certain regions of the brain.

Over the last 8 years, Clerisy successfully developed and patented this non-invasive technology and achieved FDA approval for both the device and the delivery of more than a dozen therapeutic medications and has conducted successful product placement testing in Wegmans, a leading US supermarket chain.

In addition to the exclusive licence of the Aromahaler Soft Strip technology for the Cannabis market, RxMM has developed a complimentary line of products (with various delivery systems – patches, sub-lingual strips, etc) under the “Body-Aid” brand.

RxMM is establishing a brick & mortar presence in the United States through a chain of Australian-themed retail locations*, starting in California.

These locations will sell a range of medicinal cannabis products to registered patients and an attractive range of lifestyle products which complement its brand and enhance the consumer experience.

Through a wholly differentiated in store-experience from anything on the market, the Company believes it has an opportunity to establish a market leading position in Canna-retail.

RxMM has engaged Dreamtime Design, an internationally renowned design firm to oversee the external design and in-store experience, and manage the renovation and build-out of the acquired outlets.

California's cannabis user population is approximately 3.5 million people with 1.9 million adults from 31 to 90 using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Currently Cherry Kola Farms (in conjunction with Sonoma County Collective) has 15,000 square feet of greenhouses in Sonoma County with an annual production capacity of 5,000 lbs per year and the capacity to expand to 48,000 square feet of secured greenhouse cultivation which would provide annual production capacity of 16,500 lbs.

Cherry Kola is RxMM’s primary cultivation partner and has won multiple awards for Cannabis quality:

  • 2013 Emerald Cup – 1st Place: Breeder’s Cup 2013
  • 2013 Emerald Cup – 2nd Place: Flowers
  • Oaksterdam on the Green: Master’s Cup – People’s Choice Award
  • 2012 Hightimes Medical Cannabis Cup: 3rd Place: Indica

RxMM Health has an Engagement Agreement with Ernst & Young Global to advise,develop and manage a tax incentivized Research & Development program in Australia, which is partially funded by the Australian Federal Government’s refundable tax offset program.

This non-equity based R&D funding is targeted at a AUD $50m-$100m budget to rapidly advance the development of the Company’s proprietary new pharmaceutical and OTC medicinal Products.

Under this program, R&D expenditure is eligible for up to AUD 45 cents in the dollar cash rebate from the Australian Federal Government. Ernst & Young has been engaged to source $50m-$100m of funding from 3rd party investors and to manage the interface between the R&D program, the Australian Tax Office and the Investors.

Combined with royalty and interest, investors would receive a return of approximately 20% per annum on their investment over a five-year period. The initial R&D program has commenced and will be geared up prior to the Company’s ASX listing and because this R&D expenditure is funded from external sources, there is no dilution to shareholder equity.

All the IP and products resulting from the R&D programs are owned by the Company. These products will include:

  • Development of a new range of cannabinoid based therapeutic, pharmaceutical products and formulations to address various conditions including management of neuropathic pain,hypertension, post-stroke neuroprotection, post chemotherapy patient conditions, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and cancer.
  • Cannabinoid based drug delivery methods.
  • Cannabis plant strains to optimize therapeutic value in medications
  • New hydroponic cultivation methods including nutrition solutions to optimize yield, scent, flavor, water content, texture and coloration.

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