December 2016 Shareholder Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the corporate activities and recent developments of RxMM Health Limited (“RxMM”). US Medical Marijuana Industry While all eyes in the US were on the “minor” event between Trump and Clinton, the “big news ” for shareholders resulting from the Ballot was that Florida, Montana, North … Continued

RxMM R&D Video

A brief video describing the involvement of several of RxMM’s key scientific advisors and their role in developing product lines that complement the ever-growing medicinal cannabis market.

AUS Government Landmark Medical Cannabis Reform

The Australian Government will introduce landmark legislation providing the “missing piece” for Australian patients and their doctors to access a safe, legal and reliable supply of medicinal cannabis products for the management of painful and chronic conditions.

RxMM Commences Sales in CA News Release

RxMM Health (RxMM) commences distribution operations ahead of schedule and strengthens its Board with internationally renowned medical scientists experienced in pharmaceutical research and product development.

RxMM Initial Release

Australian Company Joins California’s Medical Marijuana Rush RxMM Health to Apply Leading Edge Hydroponic Technology to Pursue Lucrative Business Opportunities in Medical Marijuana – America’s Fastest Growing Industry. RxMM Health Pty Ltd. (RxMM) is establishing operations in Southern California and will install state-of-the-art hydroponic production technology in climate controlled greenhouses for the cultivation of selected … Continued