AgTech Global is an agricultural technology and supply company specializing in advanced organic fertilizers, nutrients and pesticides and hydroponic technology and systems.

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RxMM Healthcare is establishing brand leadership in the evolving medicinal cannabis markets for its range of integrated health and wellness products and services.

City Farm Industries is a cultivation enterprise focused on exponential growth opportunities for hemp cultivation to meet the burgeoning demand for plant and derivative materials in global markets.

Kings County Hemp Corporation cultivates Hemp on 1,600 acres of prime dairy farming land near Hanford, in the Central Valley of California.

RxMM Health is a fully integrated seed to sale cannabis cultivator, manufacturer and distributor of cannabis extracts, finished products and cannabis extraction systems.

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RxMM Supply Corporation was recently formed to develop, acquire and list Hemp related consumer facing product businesses onto public stock exchanges.

RxMM Health has built a group of synergistic companies to capitalize on agricultural production, natural medicines, revolutionary medical delivery systems, and the mainstreaming of multiple brands for the global market.

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Clerisy Corporation specializes in technology acquisition, manufacture and marketing of FDA approved, leading edge medical delivery devices and proprietary medicinal product formulations.

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